Re: The newbie mailing list

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 03/21/00

> Here's my suggestion: why not if you, Susan or others for that matter,
>  collaborate with Brandon to maintain WTFAQ. That is... if he doesn't mind
>  the extra hand. As far as I know, WTFAQ actually has good
>  documentations/references explaining stuff, from things that most new imps
>  will want to implement (more classes/levels, races, spells/skills) in their
>  mud to references for common Unix/Linux commands to probs faced when
>  compiling under Cygnus and MSVC to methods for doing a search thru archives
>  for both this and newbie mailing list.

Of course.  I'd love any help/input I can get... just send me what you'd like
added, and I'll be sure to update it.  I've got a pile of stuff already that
I've been meaning to throw into it.  This newbie debate may stir that up
again. :)

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