Re: The newbies are hard to hit in the CirlceMUD 3.17 defult.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/22/00

>     Hi friends, is very dificult to hit a newbie mob. Ex.: Armor 9 and
> Thac0 20. Is almost impossible to hit him. Where can I change this?

        There are alot of things you can do.  You can give the newbies
better eq.  You can make the mobs easier to hit.  You can adjust the thaco
tables in class.c.  You can add modifiers in the code in fight.c which
determines if you hit or not.

        Don't forget that armor is set on the range from -100 to 100, but
internally it's recomputed to go from -10 to 10.  If armor is actually a
"9" (ie, 9 in the -100 to 100 range, divided by 10, drop all fractions, =
0 AC) then your newbie with a 20 thaco is only going to hit 5% of the time
- when the to-hit dice is a perfect 20.


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