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From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 03/24/00

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Phillip A Ames wrote:

> Hey all,
> Just got a quick question about OLC+...  Are there any plans to create a
> new version of it that takes advantage of Oasis 2.0's genolc features,
> etc.?  I'm sort of dilly-dallying on adding OLC+ to my MUD if there's
> soon to be a "new and improved" version of it, so I figured I'd ask.

As the original OLC+ guy, I can tell you I have no certain plans of doing
such a thing; I have already done it.  However, I don't plan on releasing
a "new and improved version."

I'll elaborate:

I currently have a version of "OLC+" (the term basically refers to
whatever OLC I have in, I guess) which is based on Oasis 2.0.  It uses the
GenOLC features and simulates obuild in interface, but IMHO is cleaner
(but then again, I wrote it, so I'm biased).  I was contemplating
releasing it, but don't feel the need for a couple of reasons.

The first, is that there's a bug.  At least, one bug that I've had the
time to investigate; there's a post about it in the archives.  Basically,
I don't have it so that the strings are updated on each object or mobile
when it is edited, so I have a "memory leak" with the desired side effect
of leaving older items alone, until a reboot or a reload.  At least, from
memory, that's how I recall the bug working.

The second, is it's really difficult to maintain a released package, and I
am leaning more and more away from that type of distribution, at least in
patch form.  This ties in to some of the newbie-coder debates that have
heated up as of late, but essentially comes down to the fact that I think
people should attempt to think out and design how their MUD works at least
partially on their own[1].

I want to note that this leans somewhat away from how CircleMUD has been
distributed, actually completely away.  But I want to posit that CircleMUD
is a code_base_, more of a foundation than a final MUD product[2].

In any event, I will see if I have the code on my machine at school or on
one of the servers which I test-run my MUD server on (I recently suffered
a number of disk failures, most of which pertaining to choice of OS

I may choose to put the olc.c or kupolc.c or oasis.c (I can't remember
which my obuild-like interface was is ATM) on the CircleMUD site to be
dissected, but that's a maybe.

I hope that's coherent, feel free to e-mail me with comment.

1 - I really don't want to get people flaming how it was just recently.
I'm stating where I stand on the issue in respect to my code and how/if it
is released.

2 - Not that CircleMUD can't be run directly as a MUD, but I'm
emphasizing it's standard use as a springboard to jump out from or a
foundation to build upon; here's a good start, now bring your ideas to
light..._your_ ideas.

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