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Date: 03/27/00

Sent: Monday, March 27, 2000 9:21 AM

Welcome back eh? :)

>         More of a general Diku question, but here it is.  I'm having a
> bit of a logic problem getting a zone to reset mobiles in a particular
> way.  Suppose we have this:

[example snipped]

>         Now, a player goes in and kills group #2 (the "inner gate"
> group).  When the zone resets, it will hit group #1 first, resulting in
> a "4 0 2" overall grouping, rather than the original "2 2 2" that was
> intended.  Any ideas?

Two relatively quick hacks:

1)  Add a zone command (N?) that looks and acts like the M command, with the
exception being that max_in_world is replaced with a check for max_in_room.

2)  Add a max_in_room variable to the mob structure.  In the mob reset code
check for a nonzero max_in_room and override max_in_world.

I'd probably go with #1 just to keep all reset data in the reset file.


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