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From: Fizal (
Date: 03/28/00

At 08:28 PM 28/3/2000 Malaysia, Christopher Daly  wrote:
>But owning a store run by a mobile...they would probably have
>to spend some time in a management capacity.  The mob would
>need to be paid.  They would need to restock and do the books.
>(espescially if there was a tax agency :) )

Yup... that's what I decided to go on with. Had already lined out the idea,
was just playing around with the thot of maybe letting the players have a
go in maintaining the shop as well. But like I said, after my 4th attempt,
I wasn't satisfied with what I had and decided to go for the mob taking
care of shops only.

>Also instead of just hiring shopkeepers, maybe guards and thieftakers
>could also offer their services.

Yup... part of my plan as well... but not only for shops :)


Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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