SV: [CIRCLE] Mobile-loading question

Date: 03/27/00

I am not sure if this works with mobs. But it works with a chest that I use and that is to remove them first and them add them again.

R 0 200 201  chest
O 1 201 1 200 chest
P 1 204 15 201  small knife
P 1 205 15 201  map

*Remove <if-flag> <room vnum> <obj vnum>
*Object<if-flag> <obj vnum> <max existing> <room vnum>
*Put in<if-flag> <obj vnum 1> <max existing> <obj vnum 2>

this way I have a chest with newby gear "nearly always full"

If used with mobs of course they will be unhurt when replaced!

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