newby linux help

Date: 03/28/00

Hi all.

I am looking for a one to one, away from the list, personal help sort of pen friend who would help me set up circle on a home networked linux machine.

I have cygnus/win98/Circlemud on my machine and  it is networked to my sons win98 machine. I have now got these two machines in an ethernet network. I have fitted a front loading hard disc to his machine and can with ease swop hard discs. This/his second disc I have now installed with Red Hat 6.0.  I cannot get any further , I have read the readmes, but there seems to be sooooo many threshholds. The Linux Book by David Elboth is a very capable book, and I am ploughing my way through it but I need a email friend that I can write and ask yes and how do I know if I want a server or custom or workstation. Or what program can I use to unpack winzip files, and how do I know what IP address to use etc etc. I perhaps know the answers already & I know about reading docs and archives (and read them again and again). But unlike others who perhaps have teachers and fellow students to help them over things one at a time I aint got nobody to discuss this with, except the List and Internet in general. So please if you think you can help send me a message.

Regards Neal.

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