Practise dg script help

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 03/28/00

I am coding a dg_script using the bribe function to allow players to buy
practises from thier guildmasters. This is the code i have come up with, but
it don't seem to work, everything but the adding to the player practice

0 d 0
wait 15
say Practice time will cost 10000 coins per session~
practicepay 10000~
0 m 10000
wait 5
say Thats great, you have been allocated 1 practice session.
set %actor% practice+1
practicepay 1~
0 m 1
wait 2
say Hmm thats not enough
give %amount% coins %actor%

If any one can see whats wrong or can help me out.
Alex 4000

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