Re: Color Selection at creation

From: Del (
Date: 03/30/00

First, find a snippet or part of the code that does something like what
you want.

1. You want a menu in character creation.
   a. Look at the existing code for menu options.
   b. Look for a snippet (hometowns is a good one, just change it to
color stuff)
2. You want to change the color with the menu.
   a. Look in the code for setting color level. (color command, toggle
code too)
      What does it do to set the color? (I know the answer and prompting
you to
      learn how to find it)

Have fun.

Ryan Le Gros wrote:
> I am trying to add a color selection menu during player creation, However I
> am unsure how to go about doing it, im fairly new to C, learning as I go, I
> looked at the current CON_Qx's but none of them really show me how to set a
> preference bit on a player at creation, has anyone done this and willing to
> share the code, or willing to show me how it was done, I am using
> circle30bpl16 and would like the player to pick between off, sparse, normal
> and complete,
> Thanks
> Malevolent
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