[Newbie] Ascii pfile saving/loading with 128 bit code

From: Josh Anderson (joshua18@home.com)
Date: 04/03/00

I'm having a bit of difficulty installing the 128 bit code into my rather
heavily modified mud.  The current conflict I'm having deals with the
playerfile saving/loading routines, in which the ascii pfile code makes
calls with asciiflag_conv() to what used to be a single argument but now has
to deal with an array of flags instead.  The original ascii pfile code uses
this in db.c load_char:

case 'A':
  if(!strcmp(tag, "Ac  "))
    cpd->armor = num;
  else if(!strcmp(tag, "Act "))                          <--
    csds->act = num;                                           |  these are
now arrays of flags,
  else if(!strcmp(tag, "Aff "))                                |  for
    csds->affected_by = asciiflag_conv(line);   <--
  else if(!strcmp(tag, "Affs")) {

Ditto for the code in save_char:

/* char_special_data_saved */
     csds = &(player.char_specials_saved);
       fprintf(outfile, "Alin: %d\n", csds->alignment);
     fprintf(outfile, "Id  : %d\n", (int)csds->idnum);
     if(csds->act)                                                       <--
       fprintf(outfile, "Act : %d\n", (int)csds->act);            |  these
also now need to save
     if(csds->affected_by) {                                            |
as four sets of numbers/letters
       sprintbits(csds->affected_by, bits);                         | as
well as PRF flags etc
       fprintf(outfile, "Aff : %s\n", bits);                         <--

Basically I'm not sure what format these should be saved in to be accessed
properly or how they should be loaded from the file, and what the proper
code would be that I'd need to do so.  I know this sounds awfully newbieish,
but hey, I've gotten a long ways with coding so far with minimal
intervention/depending on the list ; )  If someone would be willing to help
me out with this particular piece of code, I'd be highly grateful, be it
sending me this chunk of your db.c if you use both of these patches (ascii
pfiles/128 bits) and maybe a sample pfile if you'd be willing (these would
be immensely helpful but I'm figuring nobody will probably do so ;) ) or at
least perhaps some wee snippets of code as a reference so that I know what
it is I'm trying to do here.  I just don't want to be totally working out in
left field.  Thanks.

Josh Anderson

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