Re: [NEWBIE] Examine X.corpse problem.

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 04/05/00

Juliano Ravasi Ferraz writes:
> > If your libc has it, try strdupa() rather then strdup... it's automatically
> > free()'d when your function returns, and is cheaper (cpu-wise) then malloc
> > (which strdup() uses).
> >
> > It's fairly common now, at least in unix.  (most muds are running on
> > freebie/linux systems, and they both have it.)
> What is your version of libc? I have GNU libc 2.1.1 and it does not have
> this func.

Hmm... alloca is common, but looks like strdupa is an extension.

you have to #define _GNU_SOURCE to use strdupa (before any #include directives)

It's the equiv of
memcpy(new, old, strlen(old));


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