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From: Sigmund Hewett (
Date: 04/06/00

On Wed, 05 Apr 2000, you wrote:

>         I would like some of the details about how yours worked.  My
> message was kept short and to the point to try and save time.  I would not
> need a patch, but I do not need to waste people's time if they don't want
> to help.

I'm working on one at the moment.. so far it looks ok, but isn't finished, so I
wouldn't want to try sending the unfinished product.

I looked under structs.h to see how skills were set up, and basically duped
their setup and some of their macros, then went into fight.c and added
checks for weapon proficiencies, specializations, and mastery..
With that done, I set about changing the nanny function in interpreter.c
to enable you to setup your weapon profs based on class (the race vs class
snippet, I think by Patrick was a *great* help there..) and voila..
It wasn't nearly as painful as I thought, I learnt a lot in the process, now
all I have to do is add a proficiency trainer for dg_scripts and I'm done...

Sigmund Hewett.
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