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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/07/00

>         I would like some of the details about how yours worked.  My
> message was kept short and to the point to try and save time.  I would not
> need a patch, but I do not need to waste people's time if they don't want
> to help.

Most of my system:
        Well, first of all, I attached another piece of information to
weapons - the weapon 'type'.  This was the specific weapon type in most
instances; long sword, short sword, dagger, bastard sword, two-handed
sword, staff, etc.  In some instances where generalization was easier -
the polearm family - I left it at simply polearm.  Each of these types was
given it's own skill.

        Now, each of the 'types' went into a group.

        Short weapons
        Blunt weapons

        There's a decent number of categories.  Now, I have a seperate
proficiency system existing superior to the skills.  To have a skill you
must first have the proficiency group which the skill is a member of - in
this case those broad groups above. So, in general, the proficiency level
vs skill determines how many attacks you get, and the skill also affects
your thac0:

        -3 + (WEAPON_SKILL/100)

        Or so.  In addition, I have armor proficiencies.  The skill %
alters the ability of the armor to protect, from -20% to +10%.  The
proficiency level allows for a greater number/chance to use automatic
secondary skills - dodge, parry, etc.


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