Thanks, I really did need that.

From: Josh Anderson (
Date: 04/11/00

I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to those who gave me some
assistance whilst working on my last few projects.  I knew absolutely
nothing about coding when I started doing this about two months ago and have
taught myself enough to have my own well running mud with many, many
additions to it, including OasisOLC, DG scripts, ascii pfile, 128
bitvectors, you name it.  That last one was my project for two weeks and I
finally did work it through with time, patience, and many many searches for
like code to base what I was doing off of ; )

However, in the end, I'm actually glad no one came out and told me exactly
what I needed to do to accomplish that goal, but rather gave me places to
look and a general idea of where to start and how to go about it.  Had they
just given me the info, I wouldn't really have learned anything.  When I
first started I had the attitude that it really sucked that nobody would
tell me how to do things, but there really is a good reason why.  I'm now
about 1000% more familiar with the circle codebase and how it links
together, as well as having to do several side projects to get it to work
which also taught me many valuable things.  Thanks especially to Patrick
Dughi for his short but very helpful and intuitive email giving me
suggestions as to how to make the 128 bits work with the ascii pfile code, I
depended on it for quite a while.

For newbie coders out there such as myself, hearken to my words:
1.  Yes, at times it can be no fun whatsoever to try and figure this stuff
out yourself.
2.  Do so anyways.  If you fail, try something else and come back to it
3.  Get a good C reference book, this is stated everywhere but it's good
advice ; )
4.  Most importantly:  if you do get stuck and are going to post to the
mailing list, be sure to research thoroughly .You'd be amazed at the
response you get if you do.

Okay, here ends my sermon.  Thanks again to those who let me do it on my own
with guidance rather than explicit answers.  You did me a great favor.

Josh Anderson

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