Re: [NEWBIE] A lot of problems with CLAN and PFILE ASCII (now with the version of clan file)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/13/00

>     I have changed my pfile to ascii (I hope this resolve the IDNUM - 0
> problem). But I have acquired a lot of problems with clan. I searched in the
> circle list's archive and I found something, but I can't resolve the
> problems. I'm with a big problem in the CLAN DESTROY function and another
> problems in anothers functions.
>     Can anyone send me the file clan.c (changed to work with pfile ascii) or
> the clan destroy function?

        I can't.

        But, you're in luck.  The only problems with the type of clan code
that you referenced are rather simple to overcome.  They mostly revolve
around the fact that you can't use the binary player file.  Here's a quick
trick if you're not too worried about memory usage or startup time; simply
add the items they look for (clan number, clan rank, etc), and put them in

        You can even spiff it up, and make the index generate itself
dynamically.  Life would be pretty easy.


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