[CODE] Order of Evaluation and Shorthand Problem

From: LegalWriter (LegalWriter@email.msn.com)
Date: 04/14/00

I'm having a problem with the order in which a simple expression is being
evaluated in conjunction with a shorthand assignment operator.

The relevant lines are:
     (GET_RV(victim, DAM_GEN_INERTIA) = 50;
     dam = 230;
     dam *= (GET_RV(victim, DAM_GEN_INERTIA) / 100);

After this line executes, dam = 0.  In actuality, it should equal 115, since
(by my understanding of the order of evaluation) 50 divided by 100 equals
1/2.  230 multiplied by 1/2 equals 115.  Yes?

Since the macro GET_RV(victim, DAM_GEN_INTERTIA) positively works and always
returns the value of 50 in other functions, how can dam be reduced to 0?
Any ideas or insight is most appreciated.

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