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Date: 04/19/00

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> Ok, got the shield to actually do some damage now my problem is with who
>  doing the damage to.  Currently it's doing damage to the player who's
> affected
>  by the spell, heh. Here's what I have:
>    if (AFF_FLAGGED(victim, AFF_ISHIELD) && dam >= 1) {
>      temp = dice(1, GET_LEVEL(victim) / 4);
>      damage(victim, ch, temp, SPELL_ICE_SHIELD);<----Change This Somehow?
>      sprintf(buf, "&bIce Shield&n hits your enemy! [&r%d&n]\r\n", temp);
>      send_to_char(buf, victim);
>      sprintf(buf, "You are hit by &bIce Shield&n! [&r%d&n]\r\n", temp);
>      send_to_char(buf, ch);
>      }
>  I start monkeying with the damage() statement i have there, assuming that
>  flipping around the victim and ch it would deal damage to the other
> but
>  to no avail.
>  Any Ideas?
>  Thanks in Advance, and thanks for the previous assistance.
>  Whatley

My question for you is this:  What are you switching to ch?  Does your code
look like this:

if (AFF_FLAGGED(ch, AFF_ISHIELD) && dam >= 1) {
    temp = dice(1, GET_LEVEL(ch) / 4);
    damage(ch, victim, temp, SPELL_ICE_SHIELD);

or like this:
if (AFF_FLAGGED(victim, AFF_ISHIELD) && dam >= 1) {
    temp = dice(1, GET_LEVEL(victim) / 4);
    damage(ch, ch, temp, SPELL_ICE_SHIELD);

Because if it's like the first one, you'd be checking to see if the attacker
has the Ice Shield, whereas if yours is like the second one then I don't see
why it wouldn't work (unless circle has a builtin check against damage(ch,
ch, ...) in which case you could swap it to damage(ch, victim, ...)

If that's not the problem, then, unfortunately, I can be of no further help
at this time.

Good Luck,


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