[CODE] "undefined reference to..."

From: LegalWriter (LegalWriter@email.msn.com)
Date: 04/20/00

I spent the evening pouring over the archives for a solution to my problem
and found some related articles -- but none that are applicable to my
circumstances, so I'll ask on the list...  Yesterday, I hand-patched
OasisOLC version 2.0 into my heavily modified CircleMUD bpl15 (subsequently
patched to 16 and then to 17).  After all the files compiled properly, I got
the following error messages:

interpreter.o: In function 'nanny':
/mud/src/interpreter.c:1744: undefined reference to 'medit_parse'
modify.o: In function 'string_add':
/mud/src/modify.c:141: undefined reference to 'medit_string_cleanup'
oasis.o: In function 'do_oasis':
/mud/src/oasis.c:225: undefined reference to 'medit_setup_new'
/mud/src/oasis.c:227 undefined reference to 'medit_setup_existing'

The following facts are verified to be true:
  1.  oasis.h contains the syntactically correct prototypes for all the
above-listed "undefined references" of medit_x.
  2.  interpreter.c, modify.c, and oasis.c all #include "oasis.h" as a
header file.
  3.  interpreter.d, modify.d, and oasis.d all reference oasis.h.
  4.  Makefile.in and Makefile both contain oasis.o and oasis.c in the
  5.  I have run configure several times and have received confirmation of
the creation of Makefile, etc.

Since the medit_x prototypes positively, absolutely exist in oasis.h, and
since none of the many other prototypes of oasis.h generates the "undefined
reference" errors, I am at a total loss as to why this is happening.  To
make it all the more baffling, many of these "other" prototypes from oasis.h
apear in interpreter.c, modify.c, and oasis.c and generate no error, but for
some reason, medit_parse, medit_string_cleanup, medit_setup_new, and
medit_setup_existing do.  Any assistance in this matter would be most
appreciated.  Thanks.

ICQ:  14598527

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