Re: Arrays and Linked Lists

From: Zachary Tellman (rinzai@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/27/00

Thank you all for the helpful suggestions, but I seem to have made myself unclear in what I wanted.  Firstly, I don't want to use arrays because I don't like linked lists.  Rather I want to use it because it would make my life easier. Within CircleMUD, thanks to linked lists, one is able to make room 2 to the east of room 1 and room 3 to the west of room 2 (in other words, you can overlap).  Within my MUD, this won't be an issue, and therefore, I would like to take advantage of such things by implementing the A* search algorithm instead of the breadth first search that is there now.  Furthermore, this will make a simpler version of OLC possible, and realistic wilderness (large grids of randomly generated terrain or some such thing) much easier to make.  With this, one could do away with room rnums altogether if you wanted, or you could keep them as well.  Thanks for the help, and any more ideas would be welcome.

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