Modifying linked lists

From: Phillip A Ames (
Date: 04/28/00

Hi there,
I've got a tiny problem that I don't know how to get around.  If I have a
global linked list, and I want to modify and item in it, how would I go
about doing this?  For example, say that I have the following list of a
structure with an integer value of 'blah':

First item
   |---> Second Item
     |------> Third Item
         |---------> Fourth Item
              |-------------> Fifth Item
                      |------------> Sixth Item(end of list)

and I want to modify "Third Item"'s blah, I want it to be 1 instead of
the 0 that it defaults to.  Do I have to use the REMOVE_FROM_LIST macro
and then re-add it to the head of the list?  Please help me out if you
can, I'm not really too sure about how to go about doing this and I can't
really think of any clear examples in Circle's code right now.  Thanks in


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