Re: Aedit "features"...part 1

From: Matthias Elsdragon (
Date: 04/28/00

I> What do you mean, "to not work?"  That's rather vague and gives us no
>  possible indication of determining what's wrong without having to read
>  line-by-line your source code, hoping to not overlook the problem.  Give a
>  more detailed analysis of the problem, then we might be able to help with
>  a solution...

Bah, sorry, oversight on my part. I was mostly trying on getting all of it to
go through. At any rate, Aedit is the only of the OLC parts that actually
works correctly.. if you type in zedit (no args) nothing happens, same with
redit. As in, literally, nothing happens. On the mud it would be the same if
you just hit <RETURN>.

With M, O, and Sedit, you would get the please enter a VNUM to edit, but if
you enter a VNUM, it also would also do nothing/act as a <RETURN>.

Hope that helps more, but its really late and I've been working on this for a
while --- if theres anything else you might need in assisting me, I'd be
happy to oblige. ::sigh:: Back to bug-hunting for me. ;)

-Matthias Elsdragon

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