Re: Aedit "features"...part 1

From: Matthias Elsdragon (
Date: 04/29/00

Ok thanks for everyone's help! I finally got rid of the problem, although its
more of a hack. ;) Here's how I did it.

I restored my do_olc function to what it was pre-patch, and duplicated it.
(do_aedit_olc). Then I just patched the do_aedit_olc instead of the do_olc,
and changed aedits function (in interpreter.c) to do_aedit_olc. :) Its a hack
I know, but hey, it works. Hope anyone else having that problem will be
helped now.

-Matthias Elsdragon

> It seems that after adding in the 'aedit' patch (i did it manually, i
>  dont trust the patch program) that any of my other OLC-related things to
>  not work, ie zedit, medit, et cetera. I am almost 100% positive that the
>  "feature" happens in the do_olc function. After running this function
>  step-by-step, I cannot even begin to guess at what may be wrong, except
>  possibly a missing or misplace }, but I can't seem to find it. And this
>  is trying almost 18 or so hours straight. ;)

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