Re: Linked Lists and Arrays

From: Zachary Tellman (
Date: 05/02/00

>I'm not following you.  You mean that inorder to create something
>you have to know how big you're going to make it?  That is valid but >>also
>common sense.  Ouch, this one is making my head hurt.  Maybe I >can give
>you some examples of how a world map is generated, and you can >rephrase
>your question to make more sense.

I apologize, I was in a bit of a hurry when I posted that.  So, here's what
I want to do:  Put the entire world into a multi-dimensional array (pseudo
or not).  This means that I don't really know the maximum x and y values of
the world.  So what I want to know is this: other than adding up all the x
or y values of all the zones what's the best way to discover the max width
and height of the MUD world?  If this is unclear, just let me know.

Thanks for all the help,
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