Re: [CODE] Yet Another Drag Command

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/04/00

> In celebration of being back on the list (I somehow got unsubscribed or
> something) here is my version of the popular "drag corpse" command.  I
> noticed the ftp site snippet directory has been rearranged (*I* didn't
> know; I've been off the list!), kudos and thanks to whomever did that --
> it's much easier to use now.

        Actually though, I was kinda curious, alot of the patches/snippets
once acceessable seem to have gone missing.  Someone had asked about my
dynamic board code, and when I went to point them to the location, I
couldn't actually find it.  Checking around, I found a few patches in the
same state.  I'd have submitted it, but it totally blew my mind. Was at
work and late for a meeting.


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