Re: iedit & oasis 2.0

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/05/00

> has anyone been able to adapt the iedit patch to oasisolc 2.0? alot
> seems to have changed compared to 1.6, I did my best to patch it in, but
> the errors were unrecoverable and the code doesnt fit in at all.  --

        Boy. That's a good question. I suppose I could write up a new
patch, but really the iedit patch was a pretty simple one in the end.
It's 12K long (about 13 pages). There's three functions which can be added
anywhere (iedit_setup_existing(), do_iedit(), and copy_object()).  THere's
a few defines that should be put in their specific place (OLC_IEDIT(), and
CON_IEDIT..i wonder if I even use this?) - though really anywhere works.
The only really tricky point left is simply in the 'oedit_parse' function.
THere's one additional step to look and see if - when it saves - if you're
in state 'CON_OEDIT' or 'CON_IEDIT' (i guess I do use this).  If you're in
iedit, it does some slightly different saving.  It's really pretty easy
though.  Iedit is just oedit with the state in 'CON_IEDIT' instead of

        The harder part is making sure xapobjs are in.

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