[NEWBIE] File size

From: Jarratt Davis (Jarratt.Davis@camtech.com.au)
Date: 05/07/00

Hi There,

Well although this sounds like a newbie question, Im not exactly a newbie
coder :)  What Im trying to work out is how can I find out the size of a
file that Im opening? And how can I do this without using an OS specific
call?  Ive written my own ASCII system for my MUD, but want to add buffers
- and rather than sticking with staic sized buffers I would like to have
the buffers be related to the size of the file that is being opened (for
reading not writing).  If this type of thing falls outside of the list
please email me at jarratt@camtech.com.au with suggestions.  Does anyone
know of any good generic C snippet/solution sites?  ie. places with
solutions to various problems written in C.  Not sure if Im making much
sense here.  Ive been coding for years in C, but havent done so for a
long time so am feeling very rusty :P

Thanks for any help,


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