Re: Newplayer load items

From: nathan winters (
Date: 05/08/00

>I have been looking through the code, trying to find the clode which
>creates the character, to try and add newbie items to thier inventory when
>they login for the first time.


This is what I did.

#include "handler.h"

+before do_start

void eq_char(struct char_data *ch, obj_vnum vnum, int where)
  struct obj_data *obj;
  obj = read_object(vnum, VIRTUAL);
  equip_char(ch, obj, where);

in do_start

      eq_char(ch, 18601, WEAR_LIGHT);
      eq_char(ch, 18601, WEAR_FINGER_R);
      eq_char(ch, 18601, WEAR_FINGER_L);
      eq_char(ch, 18601, WEAR_NECK_1);

class or race specific equipment.......

  switch (GET_CLASS(ch)) {
      eq_char(ch, 18601, WEAR_WIELD);

Now how to load items to inventory is something I haven't found yet. Can't
be too difficult though.

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