[Circle] OLC2.0, xapobjs, iedit

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 05/08/00

        For those that wanted it, I have put up a patch for xapobjs for
use with 3.0bpl17.  I have also put up a patch for iedit for the same
build, expecting that OLC2.0 is there.

        Because the current OasisOLC2.0 package (in OasisOLC2.0-bpl17.tar
- or something like that) is really bad, this one actually goes in, in a
patch form (no replacing files), and actually works too.  I know, a
surprise if you tried the older OLC2.  So, if you're going to put these


                        In that order.

        Oh, and I just now uploaded it, so it should be there when busy
people get time to put it in the correct areas.


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