Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] file_length()

From: Sammy Should Use His Whole Name Next Time (
Date: 05/11/00

Jarratt Davis writes:

>   /* Note: _file is part of the structure of FILE in stdio.h
>      It lists the filenumber associated with the opened file.
>      This is needed as fstat wont accept a filestream as its
>      first argument (at least not under MSVC5) - it has to be a file
>      handle usually seen when using open(), while filestreams are
>      usually related to fopen().
>    */
>   err = fstat(fp->_file, &sb);

I made the same mistake in my implementation of ascii pfiles.  FILE.file is
only valid in windows.  It's FILE._fileno in linux and other at&t variants,
and I think FILE._file_no under bsd.

As Erwin Andreason pointed out here:

err = fstat(fileno(fp), &sb);

This should be portable across all systems.  I think I've used it in
win95/98, slackware and redhat linux (roughly a year old), and probably at
least one flavor of bsd.


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