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Date: 05/13/00

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From: Jeff Boschee
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Subject: [CIRCLE] Color

I am trying to get rid of the sparse, normal and complete color schemes
basically just have it on or off.

if I change ctypes as follows

const char *ctypes[] = {
  "off", "on1", "on2", "on", "\n"

changing color to on1 and on2 work fine, but if you try and set it to
on, it
reverts to off.  I tried changing the on to a different position in the
array and it always reverts to off.



ACMD(do_color) uses search_block() to loop through ctypes to find a matching
string.  It finds the "on1" or "on2" before the "on" because it has "exact"
match set to FALSE.  You may want to just change the search_block() call in
to search_block(arg, ctypes, TRUE).


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