Re: [OFF TOPIC] George

From: Damian Jurzysta (
Date: 05/14/00

Hello George.

On 14-Maj-00, you wrote:

GG>> Is it just more or does it seem George is having a hard day? heh heh.. We
GG>> all love you George, I promise :)
GG> There was a guy subscribed to the mailing list that has been bouncing back
GG> every single message posted since a week ago due to DNS problems.  I
GG> finally found his e-mail address and got rid of him just now.
GG> Anyway, I'm just filling in for Alex until he's back from his vacation.
GG> That is, unless this was some sinister plan to stick me with it forever so
GG> he didn't have to deal with it. ;)

does this mean the ftp site wont be updated until alex comes back?

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