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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/15/00

> Well, to detail the last messages i have sent out to the abyss known as the
> Circle disucssion group, i need to know how to have a weapon take up the
> weild slot and the hands slot (gloves as a weapon basicaly), dualweild & olc
> (what the hell is that anyway? People say it will help, but i dunno what it
> is!), please, if anyone could help me with the above, awsome!

        I could have sworn that we've already covered this subject,
between the 9'th and the 12'th of this month.  Funny enough, it was not
only the same subject, but the same person who was asking.  Perusing those
messages, I see you've already received all the info you needed.

        I can also tell that you didn't read any of it.

        If you went ahead and even searched for 'wear' or 'wear and
position' on the archive list, you'd be able to grab the code right out of
there.  If you went to the ftp site, or the developer site, you'd have -
once again - the code right there, sitting in front of you.  If you even
went ahead and did it yourself, there are step-by-step instructions on how
to wear the positions for people who are not coders (though this does not
cover dual wield).

        This list may at times contain people who are willing to write out
large amounts of code to dissemate to the general public (indeed, that's
where the circlemud base came from.)  More rare, but still noticable,
people are willing to write/fix code specifically for those who
are struggling to learn to write code for their mud.  On an occasion,
people even help those who have no coding ability, no knowledge of the
mud base, etc - we were all there at one time.  I think the expectation is
that these little encouraging prods will get them started on the road to

        The common theme among all this altruistic help is that it's help
directed to allow someone to help themselves.  It's a discouraging slap in
the face to those who do help out to see someone exist soley as a leech -
expecting to do no work, and for others to provide time, answers, effort,
code, walk-throughs, debugging, and the sort for them.  You have _ALL_ the
information needed - if you don't have the ability to apply it, the tools
to learn are out there too.

        If you ask for help, and they give it, listen to it.
        If you think people will do your work for you - they won't.
        If you're trying to code, and don't know how - learn how first.
        If you know how to code and you're just being lazy, stop.
        If you just don't know any better, this is your wakeup call.


        I was playing with my own home-grown map-type code, and I noticed
that some of my testers would be spammed off if the map was sufficiently
large, and they were moving rather quickly.  I altered it so that the map
redraws using the ansi cursor controls rather than a standard output and
allowed scrolling by the client.  This has solved the spam issue, but I
wonder if there's anything I should be wary of.

        I also wanted to try to pull the screen length from the client's
program, and I have yet to determine how to query the client for that.
Someone suggested a while back simply advancing the cursor to the furthest
corner and querying the client for cursor position, however, I don't see
commands which advance to max client (and aside from the fact I still
don't know how to 'read' the client response exactly).

        Any ansi-control code masters out there?


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