From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/15/00

>     After the olc compile, i did the autorun, check my syslog and
> everything was fine except for this SYSERR: Non-positive max player
> limit! (Set at 0 using OPEN_MAX).  im not to sure what it is or what
> caused it, i do know that i deleted everything i had, reinstalled
> circlemud3.0 and redownloaded the olc. but i did not do the autorun and
> make my impl before adding the patch.  Help Please.  NWhite

        This problem that you're seeing is due to an error in the patch.
If you have a bit of patience and wait until the incoming ftp directory is
at least moved to unsorted, you'll find an Oasis2.0 patch for bpl17.  That
patch patches cleanly, and compiles cleanly as well.


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