Re: hedit bpl16

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 05/15/00

Nate Winters wrote:
>    I have the patch working, except is adds an extra line of text at the
> end of every help entry after you edit an entry and then reload the help
> files (by either reload xhelp or rebooting). For example, when I edit a new
> or existing entry by adding a line to it and save, everything is fine, it
> looks perfect. Until I reload xhelp or reboot. Then an extra line is there.
> Each time I do this another line is added. In hedit.c to remove empty lines
> it used strip_string. With OasisOLC 2.0 it is strip_cr. I have tried both,
> and neither is working. This is the code:

This is a known bug with it, and it's fixable, just need to spend some
time debugging it (but I'm not that evil, I think it's in the archives
but they're down ;)

The problem is that help->entry already has a \n in it, so every save
just adds a new one...

>     /*
>      * Remove the '\r\n' sequences from description.
>      */
>     strcpy(buf1, help->entry ? help->entry : "Empty");

Change the above line to:
  strcpy(buf1, help->entry ? help->entry : "Empty\n");
(this makes sure that new entries have a sane help message...

>     strip_cr(buf1);
>     /*
>      * Forget making a buffer, lets just write the thing now.
>      */
>     fprintf(fp, "%s\n%s\n#%d\n",

the above format string should be:

That makes sure that you don't keep adding a \n every time to the actual
help text (easy  to see that it adda a \n on every save, that's
reloaded, and then saves another one into the text, and keeps going...

>   help->keywords ? help->keywords : "UNDEFINED", buf1, help->min_level);
>   }

Second prob:

> In file included from hedit.c:14:
> oasis.h:340: warning: parameter names (without types) in function
> declaration
> oasis.h:340: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
> oasis.h line 340:
> ACMD(do_oasis);

is #include "interpreter.h" before the oasis.h include?  that sets up
the ACMD macro.


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