Re: [CODE]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/19/00

> I recently posted a couple questions and wanted to say that I was
> in the wrong directory at the was our coders that changed
> how socials are implemented and not stock code. But thanks for
> those who replied and basically called me an idiot.
> It would make sense to actually understand the question before
> making assumptions. I received several replies that all addressed a
> 'why' question and those were the ones who called me an idiot. If
> you look, it does in fact say 'how'. And only one reply addressed
> the actual question.
        Actually, all the replies (3 of them) were not only valid, but
show a level of insight that has been lacking of late.  As a matter of
fact, the minute after I read all three replies, I mailed those people
saying how glad I was that there are at least a few people on the list who
don't need everything:
        - done for them (ie patch,etc)
        - spelled out for them
        - need to be educated about memory usage
        - need to be educated about c programming basics
        - need a step by step for each thing they do

        The fact that you couldn't use their information - extremely
detailed, informative - for chrissake, Allan even included the relevant
code sections and comments - just shows that the problem was not that the
questions were answered badly, or not at all, but that you were incapable
of understanding even their simple responses.  The problem is that you
don't even have a good enough grasp of either c code, or even the
high-level flow of the mud.  Not even enough to realize when people are
describing the flow in a direct and relevant response to your question.

        I'd say that I'm not trying to be harsh, but that's wrong.  People
who provide useful information on this list are doing so for nothing but
the altruistic feeling they get from it.  This sounds unfair, but because
they know more than you, when they say something is so, it's most probably
so.  So, if they tell you that 'such-and-such' is a question only
newbies/the uninformed/dross would ask, it's not because they're jerks -
it's because they're experienced enough to realize that 'such-and-such'
really is a question only newbies/etc/etc would ask.

        It's a less subtle hint that maybe, you should learn at least, how
to crawl, before you ask others how to custom fit a jet engine you had
other people 'hold' for you.  Gee.. i'm loosing myself in metaphores.

        It's a less subtle hint that you have to learn more about circle,
about muds, about c code, and networking in general (maybe), before you
can ask a question which has an answer you cannot even assimilate.


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