Re: [Newbie] Problems compiling ascii pfiles

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/20/00

> #define GET_NAME(ch)    (IS_NPC(ch) ? \
>                          (ch)->player.short_descr : GET_PC_NAME(ch))
> As you can see GET_NAME may not return a constant address, hence it's
> not an lvalue, some compilers may happily accept it where others don't.
> The line can safely (as you only load pc chars using ascii pfiles) to:
> GET_PC_NAME(ch) = strdup(line);
        Doh! :)

        That's what I get for making an assumption on old modified codebases.

        Sorry, My bad.

        One of the things I see on alot of muds is that things like
dragons, hyrda (hydrii?), manticore, even crabs, all have the same
attack type - usually bite or slash.  It looks very odd to me, to have a
dragon who really should have at least 2 claw attacks and a bite (+ plus a
possible tail attack?) or a crab who hasn't got the ability to bite at
all, or a hydra who has 5 different bites, to all have one single use

        I brought this uSomeone was talking to me the other day about
'limb based' systems, but I haven't been able to get ahold of them to
discuss it further.  Apparently on their system, all characters (mobs and
pcs) have this limb based setup and can perform different attacks with
different body parts; horns on the head, to 3 extra heads!  I was
wondering if anyone out there had any idea how to go about this, or even
if this has already been done.


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