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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 05/26/00

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Paul Tidwell wrote:

> Okay I've probably sent enough already but now i'm having this problem with
> Cygwin, I have my make file made, and So I go into c:\Circle30bpl17\src and
> type Make
> And in Both B19 and B20, It returns the following:

This is because you did 'sh ./configure' instead of just making a symbolic
link to sh in your /bin directory.

Now, for the record, this is not a problem with CircleMUD, this is problem
with you failing to read the documentation for Cygnus.  I've never ran
Cygnus before (I use Linux exclusively).  I didn't know where their web
page was (I did a search on and found it at  I knew nothing about it.  And within 3
minutes I found this under the heading "Setting up Cygwin" | "Directory

    The /bin directory should contain the shell sh.exe.  You have three
    choices.  The first is to copy this program from the Cygnus bin
    directory.  The second is to use mount to mount the Cygnus bin
    directory to /bin (the advantage of this approach is that your PATH
    will be shorter inside bash).  The third is to make /bin a symbolic
    link to the Cygnus directory.

Now, without the ability to look and see precisely what the "Cygnus bin
directory" is, I did a bit more looking around in the documentation, and 2
minutes later, came up with this path,


which seems just as likely to me as any other.

So after finding this I began to think about the message Chris wrote
earlier saying the following sources were useless for this:

    1. The archives (since repealed as they thought they were down)
    2. Ceramic Mouse (
    3. The archives to look for web page(s) on compiling in Windows.

So, with the exception of the archives (1), I looked to see if they really
were useless.  Sorry, Chris, but you were way too hasty to call his
message unhelpful.  I clicked on 'WTfaq' at Ceramic Mouse and found these
links half-way down the page:

    Compiling CircleMUD under Cygnus in Win95 (from the archives)
    Other Cygnus Information (

And for three, the first site I found was (in
one of George's signatures).  Going there, I found instructions under the
link GNU-Win32.

So in ten minutes I have found all this information on something you have
spent, what, seven hours on, bothered a bunch of curmudgeons on a list
for, and, I'm sure, had near-blinding frustrations over.


Please do not interpret this as a flame -- I'm not intending to treat you
like a child or be insulting by this rather thorough account.  It simply
happens that I'm more interested in trying to avoid this type of traffic
than to answer it each time it comes up.  (Unfortunately, we've hit an
uneasy compromise of trying to avoid it each times it comes up.)


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