Re: iedit and oasis

From: Josh Anderson (
Date: 05/27/00

> I actually have something that is quite different from this. There was a
> conflict with copy_object already being used, so I kept the old one and
> added the new one that came with the iedit patch, but made it
> instead. (The function is shown here exactly as it is in the patch, the
> thing I changed was the name.)
> In this function, the strings are taken care of like this:
<snip function>

In looking through the older versions of this patch, I found out where the
discrepancy was between our versions.  She and I discussed it and we found
that she had installed the previous version of the patch and I was using the
brand new one, so that's where the differences lied (lay? sp).  So if anyone
still wants to enlighten me as to why this is not working, I'd be eternally
grateful.  Should all else fail, I suppose I'll then go back to use the
older version, but I'm upgrade happy : )

Josh Anderson

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