Re: make_corpse problem

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/01/00

> My mud is experiencing crashes during its operation, it bombs out
> with a windows exception error. It compiles fine with no errors.
> Ive tracked the source of the problem to make_corpse,
> Implementors can kill mobs and chars with result in make_corpse working.
> Players, on killing a mob/char causes a fatal crash, my guese from a problem
> with make_corpse.
> What would make an mortal killnig something crash the mud, but not a mortal
> ?
        Well, how exactly did you track the problem to 'make_corpse' ?

        In my experience, when you get a bug caused by the death of a
pc/mob, it usually has something to do with trying to access the vitals of
a character after the character has been extracted.  The most common cause
is a poor implementation of multi-hit or dual wield.  You may want to use
your debugger to singlestep through that part of the code, and use
breakpoints at various areas within the perform_violence routines.

        Because the implementators skip the actual combat, and simply send
a message saying "you are dead" and then calling die directly, they don't
worry about multiple references to already-extracted characters.


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