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Date: 06/01/00

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> im using windows, with cygwin.
> and I dont have gbd. but i have two mud on my cpu. one is for to work with
> coding,
> and the other is the my builders are building on. Both muds do the same
> thing, crash
> at the end of sedit. i even sedi an existing shop, it too crashed. when
> saving.
> NWhite

if you compiled using cygwin you can use  gdb  in cygwin. now my knowledge
of gdb is very limited, but i usually do the following.

using cygwin
cd /yourmuddirectory      the one with configure in it
gdb ./bin/circle                or whatever the exe of your mud is called

make your mud crash go back to cygwin and type bt, that will give you a
rough idea of where its crashing, and the fabled backtrace for the gdb
if you can not solve the problem yourself.

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