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From: Axiem (
Date: 06/02/00

> P.S. I hope this thread matures a lot, for this topic IMO is very
> interesting -> money plays a big part of the ethos of a MUD and of the MUD
> code.

This is one of my major problems with my MUD, because in the multiverse
it occurs in, gold isn't worth anything (seeing as how a lot of
technical equipment uses it for its chemical properties), so trying to
find a universal currency is hard. Of course, what it will end up being
is an artificial currency (i.e. like US dollars today), I just need a
good name for them. Of course, then I have to figure out how to
represent it laying around, and how people get ahold of it, etc etc...

I find it interesting to have multiple types of currencies, but I find
it chiefly annoying because you have to exchange them around (albeit a
bit like real life: I have a 20$ so I can't get a 1$ soda from a

It would be interesting, however, to change the MONEY item type so that
it is either a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar coin,
dollar bill, 2 dollar bill, 5 dollar bill, 10$, 20$, 50$, or 100$. (Or
anything similar, just using dollars for simplicity) You have to pick up
an item to get money, and instead of taking up space in your inventory,
you could just force the person to have to have a "wallet" or something
in their inventory, a container that can only hold money. Of course, you
would have commands (like gold does now) that tell you the total of all
your money. And of course, there would be places to break bills (a 20$
into four 5$s), or to combine them (five 1$ into one 5$). But this would
mean players kinda have to keep track of this stuff. That costs 11.54$,
and I give the shopkeeper a 20$, I'm going to get 8.46$ in change. (Have
to write code for that, as well: pretty simple concept, though), and if
you want to buy a "Healing Coke" from the machine, well, you have to
have the right combination of coins and/or bills. This could be a fun
(realistic!) system to play under, albeit just as annoying as real life
(you get big bills and need to buy small things)

The thing is: would you like to be carrying 1000 pennies around to have
10$? No, you'd rather a 10$ bill (or a 5$ and five 1$s) So why would a
player want to carry 1000 gold pieces? It seems kind of ludicrus (sp),
but I don't know the weight difference between the two. Still, having
different types of money makes a bit more realism and fun into a game
(along with a bit more annoyance for newbies)

As for what I'm doing for my MUD, writing this has caused me to think
about what I'm going to do. It is certainly unrealistic to have a bunch
of coins, but it is also realistic to only use small denominations.
Hmm....I'm going to have to do some thinking on this one. Any
ideas/suggestions/comments that I haven't already gone over? :P


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