Re: Stats

From: Axiem (
Date: 06/02/00

> Of course, this is still based upon the premise that stat values of 9-12 are
> considered "average" in the D&D world (and are, in fact, the most commonly
> rolled bell curve numbers (with equal chance for each) when stats are
> determined via 3d6.  The above example would provide a +1 bonus to damage

Actually, I do believe that is wrong. The average of all the possible
values when rolling 3d6 is 10.5, so 10 and 11 are equally (and together,
the most) likely to be rolled. And then 9 and 12 are second-most likely.

Just consider ways to add them up with 3d6, which I won't write down
cause its too long of a list, but there are more ways for 11 and 10 than
for 9 and 12.
They are the most commonly rolled numbers, but not equal chances.


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