R: [CIRCLE] NEWBIE: (FAQ read, NOT working) mud shuts down when you disconnect from server!

From: razor (drbwana@tin.it)
Date: 06/08/00

> Ok i recently bought a server (betterbox.net) to set up the mud and
all. my
> code is patched everythings working fine, except i had to make
> to the code and then i recompiled it and autran it, when i
disconnected the
> 9999 which didn't work either. it writes to nohup.out everything
that goes
> wrong but its mostly "command not found" so if you could help it
would be
> greatly useful
Read the FFAQ!
Read thy docs shipped with circlemud!
Modify autorun (so you'll get your preferred port number) and type
"nohup ./autorun &"
It rocks =D
Greetings from Italy
Razor [Chief of Darkmud: Breed of Darkness @ darkmud.gamersrevolt.com
If it happens once, it's a bug.
If it happens twice, it's a feature.
If it happens more than twice, it's a design philosophy.

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