Re: CircleMud Patch level 17 [BUG]

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 06/14/00

Jeremy Maloney wrote:
> Yes Chris, it is a bug in the do_say structure, which I've already
> fixed, I didn't however check to see if the Oasis Olc patch had
> any direct influence on the bug yet. However, wheither it be,
> oasis or Circle, it makes no difference at this point.

What was your fix?

> In regards to your post, I will always  assume a bug is the culprit,
> I've been coding on Muds and Mudding for almost 9 years, and 99.9
> percent of the time, it's a code problem of some sort. Or in most of
> my cases, a lack of caffeine and too much time in front of my computer.

Chuckle, I think I've just seen so many newbies work along the lines of:
something not working, it could never be my mistake must be the circle

My apologies, I assumed that you were a newbie, not having any other
posts from you (in the past month), but you're probably one of the 300
or so lurkers on the list ;)


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