Re X 10 or what not =P : [CIRCLE] CircleMud Patch level 17 [BUG]

From: Jeremy Maloney (
Date: 06/14/00

You know, I was sitting here a few days ago with the new patch level and
I was actually considering starting over for scratch, which is still a
mild temptation, I mean really for a Roleplaying type Mud, you don't
need a whole lot of the hack and slash stuff, but I kept running
into annoying problems with alot of the patches and things on the ftp site
which didn't patch in with no problems or strings attached (Which is
commonly expected heheh), and it occurred to me, that maybe someone should
just add Dg-scripting, Oasis OLC, Aedit, Tedit, Hedit, and rlist, olist,
and mlist right to the mud source and then release it from there. It seems
rather redundant to make people hand patch in this stuff every time they
want to start over..

All of those tools are extremely useful.. I'd consider doing it
myself, however, I have a linux box with no space for a Mud atm, and my
other box is rather full as well with my current mud project as well as
the new project I'm still hmm'ing and humm'ing about..

With the development of OLC/Oasis, OLC+, Dg-scripting, etc, it's almost
common for these things to be in high demand, especially with the release
of new patch levels of CircleMud. It would really make things easier on
the newbie Imp/Coders, and even easier on some of us old-timers =P

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