Re: Hotboot for Circlebpl17

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/15/00

> Anyone managed to create a patch for that nasty piece of code in
> particular? I just tried to hand patch and am still sitting here in a daze
> at all the *.rej files I have =P

        Well, taking what was given with the patch, I have gone ahead and
added a working version of this code to a mud - however, it is rather
specific to my implementation.  What I haven't had time to do, and would
like to work on though is a less primitive version of this code -
something that doesn't halt the currently running mud while the new copy
is loading up, but rather a way in which the new copy loads up silently,
and then when it is ready, signals the existing version to terminate and

        Maybe when I'm done with this btree, and then iedit + char
garbage collection, and other stuff.


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