Re: [RP] Rent system in the MUD

From: Dana Luther (
Date: 06/17/00

>That's always an age old question, to have Rent, or not to have

From a purely player perspective, NOT having to go back to the
main cities and rent is always a BIG plus for anyone who wants
to play, but doesn't necessarily have a lot of time to play in one

    You hike out to the middle of no-where on a quest, getting
distracted along the way by some interesting thing or another
when you glance up at the clock and realize  .. ACK! I have to
be at X in 3 minutes!
In a no-rent game, all you have to do is quit and not look back.
In a rent game you have to either 1) pray you brought a recall potion,
find the inn from your recall spot, and rent all the time watching the
clock, 2) Start treking like mad back to town and pray nothing
kills you on the way, all the time watching  the clock, or 3) simply
go linkdead and hope nothing kills you before you end up
visiting Puff. <-- This last is rather annoying but widely used.

Just my 2 coins worth ;)

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