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Date: 06/18/00

okay I ask a simple question in fact of been programming for 17 years in
almost any and every major launguage and have read and programed in sever
different c programs and enviroments (OS) so please dont tell me what I
should do and just give me a little help this is what the list is for

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> << how do I make it so that the color complete option is set as soon as
> log on to the mud and when you make a new char
>   >>
> My advice would be to buy a book to learn how to code before you try
making a
> MUD.  Coding is the biggest part of the job, along with areas, and if you
> don't know how to code, then you are just wasting your time.  If you don't
> want to buy a book, then fiddle around until you get it to work.
> take too much effort.  In fact, there's a patch available to do exactly
> you are asking, but if you don't know where to look, you obviously haven't
> read the FAQ, but I'll give you a hint:
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