Autoquest 1.2 & DG_Scripts

From: Advanced Computer Services (
Date: 06/19/00

Is there a limit to the number of zones that the autoquest1.2 patch
supports? the reason I ask is that when trying to assign a mob in zone 99
(9900) all I get when trying to 'list' the availible quests is 'you can't do
that here' but when using the same quest on a different mob (1 - puff) it
works just fine... I have been wracking my brain for hours and have yet to
find out why. Has anyone else run into this or is this just my own

also, can someone tell me a few things about dg_scripts? such as what is the
current release? where can I find either docs or a manual on pl6? I have
seen references to pl8 but can not find any such animal and the only docs
that I have found seem to be for a different revision.

Thank you.
P Ahrens

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