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From: Dana Luther (
Date: 06/19/00

>> >    'saving internally' simply means updating the online status; there
>> > such a thing as making a temporary change to something and not
>> > wanting the change to be a permanent one -- once you save to disk, the
>> > change is committed meaning 'no matter how bad' it is you can only
>> > revert if you have a backup.
>> Oasis 2 actually does a save of everything on a shutdown, so eventually
>> all changes in memory get written out.
>> >     And being a little buggy means you -definitely- shouldn't save
>> > every edit, and you should prolly backup and diff the changes between
>> > and pre-save copy just to be safe.
>> Oddly enough most builders I know save after virtually every edit as OLC
>> is generally considered fairly unstable, hence a lot of muds have
>> builders ports. It's improved a lot with Oasis 2 in terms of stability
>> though :)

I must say, there are times when we do save after every change, but there
are times where we have to run through a whole bunch of mobs or objects
from the same zone very quickly making the same change to each one
(ie., zone about to open and want to make all the mobs questable).
Instead of writing the file out EACH time we save the one little change,
it makes more sense to update internally and only save out once
all 40? 99? mobs are updated.
(With zmud a change like that usually is medit X; L; 20; q; y  all in a
line just changing the X, that way you can run through all the mobs very
quickly. Writing to disk each time would probably gum up the works
Now, I admit, I usually will save after 20 or so, just to make sure that
if something does happen that those 20 at least are saved.

Small builders perspective there ;)


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